I’ve asked myself many times why I want to become a graphic designer. My husband would say it is because I am good at making things look pretty. I would say that it is so much more than that. When I look at most everything in life—television, web pages, billboards, buildings, parks, books, the list goes on forever—I see more than a page, a screen, a broken down building. I see color that brings about emotion. I see contrast that directs my mind in a certain direction. I see balance and weight within space and line. I see infinite possibilities, avenues of creation unforged and waiting.

As a graphic designer, I have the ability to not only express emotions through art, but evoke emotions from others as well. I feel when I design. I feel when I look at graphics and type on a page. I feel. To me, that emotion is why we as humans like art. That is why we like to have art around us and that is why I like to create art. Sure, there are utilitarian purposes for graphic design but that still fulfills a need. A need for information. A need for acceptance. A need for hope. Design is not pleasant pictures on a page. Design is a living emotion that fills every aspect of human life. I would like to be a part of creating that.